21 November 2011

this is why you must drive safely

today i would like to tell a story of a guy called Mr. N. 
Mr. N. is a 28 years old, a happily married man and a proud father of his 6 months old baby.
but i don't think he can see his kid walk.
i'm not even sure he can hear her call him daddy.
today his mother asked me his progress.
i had explained to her, the prognosis is very poor.
but i am not The Almighty, for He is the one who gave life, and He can take it back whenever He wants.
tears welling in her eyes...........
i am sure that it is very hard to accept the truth, that sometimes they seems to forgot what i had told them and i had to repeat the same thing all over again.
"i am so sorry, auntie. he might get better. but he might be like this till the end of his life."
that may sound harsh. but i believe that getting prepared for the worst help family to accept the bitter truth.
his wife, though i know that it might be hard for her, always smile to us.
"she is such a strong person" i said to myself.

i look at Mr N, who is still alive yet not speaking.
his eyelids were never lifted, as if they were glued together.
 He breathes deeply through the small hole on his throat (via tracheostomy), and his body is shivering due to fever that spikes so high.

there is nothing more devastating than seeing him, getting worser day by day.
one day before the tragedy, everything was just like a normal day.  breakfast with his lovely wife. a warm kiss on his daughter's cheek and getting ready for work as usual.

but who knows that he will be involved in an accident that breaks his skull? who knows that he will develop intracranial bleeding?

alive yet unable to communicate.
alive yet unable to move.


Mr N is actually only one of many victims of MVA (motor vehicle accident) that becomes vegetable.
of course, some of them improves.
(i even almost cried when one of them lift up his hand and wipe away his saliva. the previous week, he couldn't even open his eyes!)

they were from different stories, different races, different family, yet they presented with almost the same way: MVA with intracranial bleed.

so please. please drive safely.

p.s. a boy just came in yesterday after his motorbike hit the cow. now questions raised was 'how's the cow?', and not 'how are you?' thankfully he only develop a minor concussion.. ehe~

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