28 March 2011


tadi, masa aku tengah buat 'peritoneal tap' kat satu patient (dengan kepala agak mereng sebab kelmarin on call x sempat tido...), tiba2 uncle tu bertanya:

dokter, umur u berapa?
err... 24.. kenapa uncle?
lu sudah kawen?
kenapa belum kawen?
bf saya sibuklah, uncle!
sibuk? dia suruh u tunggu ka? lu cepatlah kawen. lambat2 nanti tak bagus.

noted to Mr. bf.
who only laugh at the uncle's question......
then i ask him:
u, u ade gf ke tak de ni?
la.. u kan gf i!

ok, aku tanye soalan bodoh lagi kat dia..


24 March 2011

23 March 2011

amazingly, insanely beautiful!

you know what?
i had just realized that Melaka is so beautiful at night...

today i've decided to drive along the historical melaka, and i love every corner of this place!
(actually i was kinda bored since i spend so much time at the hospital, and i need to see something beautiful, a.s.a.p.!)
i've stolen taken this pic from here... u can see this view along the the well known river cruise path.... 
p.s. last week i've tried the river cruise with my parents. i enjoy the ride bt i almost dozed off halfway back (i was in post call mode at that time.. huhu)

along the river cruise path, you can also see the eye on Melaka (pic from here)...
and also this beautiful dancing fountain!
this guy here really had done a great job capturing these pics!

i was alone just now, so i just drive slowly and enjoy these view...
annd someway, somehow,  the jonker walk also seems  really nice at night
actually, traditional design wasn't really my thing but i found these place amazingly, insanely beautiful!

and when a bit of modern style added, it really melts my heart
(find out more on Jonker Walk from here)

seriously, i think i wanna stay here like, forever.

p.s. when they say that u could never get lost in Melaka, they were right. 
i actually didn't know where i was going, but i manage to find my way back home easily..

18 March 2011

hidung berlari hari ketiga

i know that i am always emo, and maybe, (mayyyyyybeeeeeeeeee) i over reacted.
but my leg hurts so bad and my runny nose makes me irritated and my throat feels so damn itchy!!!!!!
i even had to wear mask all day, and sometimes i sound sicker than my patients.

dear me, please get well soon...

p.s. nak cari Sabrina the Witch la...
nak suruh dia buat i tak sakit lagi dah...
p.s.s. aik, dokter pun cari bomoh??? errr~

15 March 2011

surat cuti?

doktor, mintak surat cuti!!!!!!

terkejut aku bila ade atuk mintak surat cuti kat aku hari ni..
'atuk nak cuti ape? atuk kan dah tak keje?'
'mintak cuti la. nak jumpe cucu! sakit kepala  la duduk kat sini' 
'errrr.... atuk, mane ade orang cuti dari hospital.....'
lawak gila kot atuk sorang nih...
ade ke patut mintak surat cuti dari hospital untuk balik rumah?

petang tu, cucu2 dia datang...
patutlah dia rindu. semua comel2 belaka...
bila aku lalu je, dia jerit lagi 'dokter, mane surat?'
aku tergelak lagi..
'ni diaorang tak bagi saya balik. semua suruh duduk sini. dokter bagila surat'

ok mase tu aku tak tahan sangat nak gelak....
kelakar gila kot....
comel gila kot atuk tu!

14 March 2011

hyperlacrimation due to sloppy morning rounds

"i know you. i've heard that your knowledge is very little. did you want me to call dr. X and report you? do you want to be extended? is this how you do morning rounds?"

yesterday was a very very very VERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYY horror day for me..
but i've learnt my lesson. 
no more sloppy morning rounds.
and i should read more.
i can't let him think that i'm stupid or lazy.

seriously, am i that bad? 
sometimes i feel like it is so hard to learn and work at the same time.
there's still so much to learn and i'm still trying my best to cope.

surprisingly, today i'm still high spirited, as always.
and i hope the upcoming days will always be another bright day for me...
p.s. after 2 weeks sleeping on the floor, mama and babah gave me a bed for my apartment. yeay!
p.s.s. my clothes are still inside my luggage. had to wait for first salary (which probably in two months time) before buying any furniture. hehe~

11 March 2011

language barrier

there's a foreign patient who doesn't know how to speak malay and knows only a little english...
seriously, it is so troublesome to get a history of his sickness.
too bad no one speak his languange. his friends had already go back home. and at that time, i feel so confused, that i wish i know how to speak Bangladesh!

during rounds, a specialist ask him to tell us his complains in his own language (and while he do dat, we had to try to understand each complains)
looking at our blank stare, he looks so frustated...
at last, he use sign languange to describe his pain (pain is apparently his favourite word)
the session took so long, and in the end, we end up laughing.

if someone said that working at a hospital is stressful, i doubt that. there's a lot of reason to smile, and i hope i can find at least one reason to smile each day...

p.s. my mum will be coming tomorrow! yeay!

10 March 2011

patient saye chumil sgt la!

dokter, dah makan?

aik, dokter tak balik lagi ke?

dokter, nak mihun tak? kalau belum, nnti sy beli itu mihun untuk dokter makan...

alamak, kenape comel sangat patient2 saya ni???

ni yang suke sangat pergi hospital ni... 


walaupun nurse dah bertukar 3 shift... 
walaupun orang dari kantin dah hantar makanan banyak kali tapi perut saya masih kosong (sampai berbunyi2 perut bau makanan patient)
walaupun penat kerah otak memikirkan ape sakit patient2 tu...
walaupun kene tanye macam2 mase round tapi banyak xtau jawab..
walaupun nurse marah sebab asyik sepahkan file patient
walaupun pening kepala mencari vein patient dan menyucuk berliter2 darah sehari...

tapi saya suka kerja saya sebab patient banyak yang take care pasal saya (aik, dah terbalik ni)

tadi siap ade final year med student lagi tanya2 i psl penyakit patient i (mcm la i tau sangat kan. harini baru hari pertama tagging dari 7 pagi sampai 11 malam...) sbenarnye 8 to 10pm je.... tp xcukup masa la nak setelkan semua dalam 14 jam tu...
wow, 14 jam sehari x cukup? 
dulu saya pun tak percaya..
sekarang dah alami sendiri baru saya tau.. huhu

p.s. specialist ward saya sangat2 best!!!!!!! suke gila dia... nmpk muda je tapi sangat pandai... nak  jadi macam dia la.. boleh tak?

03 March 2011

don't bleed my glass heart anymore

it's funny when you keep on blaming me...
when u blame be (without reason) dat i'm cheating, 
is that your other way of telling me dat you are cheating on me?
when u said 'congratulations for your wedding'....
is it another way to tell me that you are going to be married soon???

ahhh yes...
now i understand...
and now i know........
my glass heart is just a toy for you...

i deserve to be taken care of...
i can't let any tears roll down because of you anymore...
you don't worth my tears when you stopped respect my heart...
i can't bear this anymore......
let me die in your diary discreetly....
if you can't love me, please respect me...
if you can't respect my decision, please go away....

my first day of tagging

today i woke up lazily, with spirit so low because it's my first day of tagging! actually i was excited about it last week but yesterday's incident had taken me down the hill so fast that i feel so not ready to start tagging. sometimes, i feel like i had chosen the wrong profession..... but after starting my car's engine and listening to my favourite songs..., i feel a little bit more energetic. 

i said to myself "i'm a doctor now. this is what i do! if i didn't take care of myself, then who will???"
as i'm still in my orientation week, i walk around the hospital during the office hours and ask for simple introduction from each department. then at 6pm, the 'real' thing begins......
the 1st ward that i went is the dengue ward, where there was so many blood need to be taken! it's a very good way to refresh my 'blood drawing' techniques. but the ward wasn't in active mode since there are not so many dengue cases in this season.
then i go to 2 other wards, where i do nothing except walking and looking around.
thus, i decided to go to an active ward.
at the ward, me and my colleagues were very welcomed.
there were so many things to do. draw blood, take patient history, clerk patient case, present case...
wow, i haven't done this for a while! (fyi, my first clerking was a little bit KO.. huuu~)
it's a little bit shocking, but the specialist, the MO and the 'senior' housemans were very friendly. 
however, there are two moments that makes me wanna cry today.
1st time is when i draw a patient's blood, and suddenly she asked me 'doctor, have you eaten?'
i answered 'no, not yet'
then she seems so worried and i feel so touched. (you are so sweet lah auntie! =) )
2nd time is when my friend tried to draw another patient's blood, with such a difficulty (the patient's veins are so hard to localised that i raise a white flag)....and the patient said 'kesian doktor'...
oh my... it is she who's in pain because of the needle prick. yet she feel so sympathy that she even pray for us???
my tagging was supposed to be from 6pm to 10 pm, yet i went home at 11pm.
but i went home feeling contented, and now i finally realise that i haven't choose the wrong profession....
i really hope that i can be a good doctor... amin.....
oklah, now i wanna sleep like this garlfield!!! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz