28 April 2011

drakula yg mcm ana rafali

ahamdulillah, skrg dah ada new houseman. Walaupun brape kerat je tp takpela. They are still tagging but I feel so relieved. I hope things will be better soon.
P.s. One of my pt asked me "dokter tak pernah cuti ke?"
Ade yg siap ingt I tido kt hospital. Huhu
Penat ye asyik tgk muke saye pakcik?
Ape lg bila I dah sorong blood taking trolly.
Maaf ye. Sy bukan drakula tp dah memang keje saye menghisap darah.
P.s.s student nurses panggil sy dokter ana rafali.

24 April 2011

Utusan Malaysia Online - Forum

Utusan Malaysia Online - Forum

i am not a robot

kwn2, nak curhat sikit boleh tak? 

i was so overworked dat my MO ad specialist kesian kat i smpai diaorg clerk kan new cases for me... 

tired sgt2 sbb 1 HO kne pegang smpai 38 patients.... 

everyday i feel like i wanna cry..

seriously, i love my job but i am not a robot.

kalaulah boleh charge myself with a battery, i'll buy a big battery and charged up all  of my energy back

11 April 2011

pesanan penaja

kepada sesiapa yang dah nak jadi houseman, 
tolonglah pilih hospital melaka dan masuk medical department!
(we were entitled to have a post call off or pm off after on call day, but with only few housemans, it is hard to even have an hour leave!)
so here i am,  working 7 days a week. from 6.30 am to 6.30 pm (but usually i went back home at 9, and today i puched out my card at 10.30 pm!!!!)

rasa macam nak pengsan dah ni.


03 April 2011

i'm fine, thank you

i'm lying.
i am SO NOT FINE!!!!
i better throw my heart into a dustbin
cuz it is so damn useless to give my heart to someone who never really cares about me.
perhaps i'm gonna be just like this!


just now, i was driving when i heard the most beautiful voice via my radio. 
anuar zain is performing life in ABP!!!
suddenly, tears fell down my cheek...

my bf had just sent me an sms today, telling me not to contact him anymore.



nak tengok ABP.

eh, kembar aku menanglah!!!!!

tahniah, ana rafali!!

unpaid advertistment

seriously, nothing feels better than this Hush Puppies's body shoe!
loves the way it support the foot arch.
now i can 'run' faster, and i can wear it without any stocking all day long without worrying about smelly feet!