12 January 2012

not just another wedding

last week i went to my UNHAS mate's wedding, Faezah. 
the wedding was so beautiful, just as beautiful as the bride!!!

but what's most important, it brought us together.
  after 1 year graduate, we can finally meet and catch up! 
(p.s. ni semua dokter taw) ehe~

i think the last time i met my friends was during iman and ilman's wedding (the couple sitting on chair), and she's 6 months pregnant now! 
wow, that means the last time we met was more than 6months ago...

oh did i mention dat i get the chance to drive Babal's Mercedes named Noni???
this Merc is so smooth dat i just love driving it!!

ooppsss harap2 vitara chomel sy tak merajuk sbb saya puji Noni...
okay okay Evy,mummy sayang kamu =)

oklah, how about i just let pictures speak for themselves?
me and Balqis =)
camwhoring* hihi
Me and Faezah.. she looks so beautiful!!
hot doctors ^^
intan yg dah slim!, fazana, balqis and me!
nunu, wawa, me, dydee, shahnaz n balqis
syira, me, babal n iman. baju syira n babal nak dekat same kan? cutela renda pink dgn background biru... hehe

luv u gals sho much!! mmuah..
p.s. lookin forward for the next wedding on April! lalala~

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