28 February 2012

morning walk

cute tak sliper strawberry saya????
today i woke up early though it's my off day. i guess we can't change a habit easily right?
and i've been longing to go to beach since yesterday.
don't know why. maybe i miss the wave.
or maybe the way those smooth sands under my feet.
i woke up at 6am, but after Subuh i fell asleep.
when suddenly at 8am, my 'abg angkat' msg me and 'force' me to go to jog at the beach and buy fresh fish afterwards.
which is exactly what i did this morning!!
truthfully, i'm a little bit tired of putting on weight and being 'bullied' by him.
so i drove to Pantai Puteri..
it is not a beautiful as Bira beach in Makassar, but i still love the smell!
love this shot. especially the bird!
lots of dog prints here. but luckily i didn't encounter any dogs at all during my walk
after the walk (i didn't actually jog.. ehe~), i bought ikan kembung (fresh from the sea!) and nasi lemak with Kopi O.
feels good to get out of bed and do something useful.
i think i'm going to do it again someday.
if only there was a beach as beautiful as Bira..
oh how i miss Bira beach
at least x cantik mcm bira pun kalau ade yg cntik mcm kt samalona ni pon best!!!
saya suka pasir pantai putih!!
p.s. cari2 gambar Bira xjumpe la pulak. pdhl dah tiga kali pergi... hiks
p.s.s. my mum thought i had a problem cuz i wrote in my facebook status dat i'm walking alone at the beach early in the morning. sweet kan mama saya? ^.^

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