19 April 2012


I AM....
currently addicted to coffee... 
especially the hospital's free coffee. 
love to sneak up into the pantry and take a cup of coffee to 'wake me up' in the morning!

I AM....
addicted to karaoke.
love to sing my heart loud.
current fav song: TEGA by rossa.
won't be singing 'sedetik lebih' by anuar zain anymore.
(no need to elaborate that, i guess)

I AM...
craaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy over cheesecake...
 this is so easy to make and so delicious!
no baking.
just mix everything and put it in the fridge.
currently: just experiment with melted choc cheesecake and my friends said they love it!

I AM...
still narcissistic
still crazy over makeups and dresses
my face looks different in the two pics cuz the effect of kryolan (make up)

I AM..
loving my job.
currently in paeds department.
selalu kene tendang masa ambil darah atau pasang branula
selalu rimas dengan ward penuh sampai ade extention bed
selalu main dengan budak2 time2 jobless.
especially 'special' kids.
my fav name dia 'ira'
bila nampak i selalu tanya dia 'makan ape hari ni ira?'
'lur!!!' jawab dia kuat2
(lur tu telur) 

I AM..
still crazy decorating my home...
my two red sofas are just not enough.
currently: just finish my 'kelambu' project'
looking forward for new project soon!!

I AM...
a shopaholic
current : went to old blossom box and met the owner, jesmine!
but forgot to take pic with her. 
but look at my pink heels!!!
and the comfy palazzo pants !!! (and it's PINK too) love~
(had to discard my jeans due to the increasing cellulites over my thigh) =(

I AM..
currently eating mihun tomyam kung 
(my home cincai version)
 with hot coffee..
look at my cute kitty... it makes my coffee time more enjoyable. lalala~

I AM..
simply just happy with my life.
enjoying my craziness and passion.
how about you?

02 April 2012

kapan aku mampu?

 "you, jangan tinggalkan i lagi" pintaku padanya genap sebulan yang lalu.
but dat is exactly what you have done  to me.
esok akan genap sebulan kau hilang tanpa khabar.

luka ini mungkin lambat sembuh.
tapi aku yakin ALLAH ada rencana lain untukku.

sakit ini mungkin masih ada.
tapi aku yakin aku pasti mampu melupakanmu.

bayang- bayangmu pasti akan pergi tinggalkan aku,
sebagaimana dirimu lepas dari genggaman aku.

sebulan  telah berlalu.
dan aku menyesal kenapa aku masih belum mampu hidup tanpa memikirkan kamu.

tolong doakan supaya luka ini sembuh.
tolong doakan agar hati aku redha dengan semua ini.
sebab aku masih belum mampu....