31 May 2012


pesanan penaja: 
walaupun hati tak mampu tersenyum, cubalah untuk melengkungkan senyuman di wajah anda okay...

25 May 2012

turtle chocolate candy

this is so damn cute!!!
i've searched the recipe online but haven't tried yet

this one from this site seems so delicious and much easier than others. but have kinda weird looking turtles..

i wish i could make hundreds of this!
will try them for this raya!
(err puasa pun belum lagi)

17 May 2012

melancholy part one

i love to be in melancholy mood.

too much laughing makes me cry in the end of the day.
so this kind of mood brings balance in my life.
call me weird.
but i've been trying to suppress my over excitedness
i remember being so excited when my MO give me the chance to do an exchange tranfusion (under supervision).
it's like a game!
remove baby's blood in one minute, push in someone else's blood one minute, then pause one minute.
yeah sounds simple.
try doing the same thing over and over again for one and a half hour.
but i love it! i love to do procedures...
ok, i'm getting excited again.

sometimes i think i'm just masking the sadness in my heart.
i refuse to get over things i should be over with.
yeah, i think i refuse to accept the bitter fact.

time pass by.
i try to fix things that i know that is 'unmendable'
and i end up messing up everything.
what is wrong?

how can i go back to where all things had started to wind up in the wrong way?
tell me how!

so i went here and there
looking for answers
i still couldn't find the answer
but i started to learn one thing -ACCEPTANCE

if that is what ALLAH had planned for me, so be it.
for HE knows better than me.

no more asking how to fix the pumpkin.
the only question now is how to walk in the right path.
and how to stay away from the jittery path.

this is me

and this is my not-so-prefect life!

08 May 2012

have fun sticking em!

eh ape spongebob ni? 
kiut tak suis saye???
oh ade sinchan juga!!!
wait,  there's moreeee!!!
 uik garangnye angry bird nih!!!!
today is my off day.

so i'm thinking to proceed to my other project.
i look at my living room,
  and think for few hours....
and then today i said to myself "ah, what the heck, just open it and stick em!"

 i just follow the simple instructions attached, 



i bought all of these stickers from myhomesaloon...
suke sangat!!!

errr.. boleh tak nak lari tajuk sekejap..
suke hati saye lah ni blog saye kan, kan?
anyway, i'm working in nursery now..
lots of babies there!!!
so cuteeee
i can't that listening to babies' cry that sometimes i take them and do my work..
(but cannot do this too frequent or the nurses might be mad at me for pampering these cute little creatures)

and i think i'm falling in love with polka dot things now...


dats all for now.