08 May 2012

have fun sticking em!

eh ape spongebob ni? 
kiut tak suis saye???
oh ade sinchan juga!!!
wait,  there's moreeee!!!
 uik garangnye angry bird nih!!!!
today is my off day.

so i'm thinking to proceed to my other project.
i look at my living room,
  and think for few hours....
and then today i said to myself "ah, what the heck, just open it and stick em!"

 i just follow the simple instructions attached, 



i bought all of these stickers from myhomesaloon...
suke sangat!!!

errr.. boleh tak nak lari tajuk sekejap..
suke hati saye lah ni blog saye kan, kan?
anyway, i'm working in nursery now..
lots of babies there!!!
so cuteeee
i can't that listening to babies' cry that sometimes i take them and do my work..
(but cannot do this too frequent or the nurses might be mad at me for pampering these cute little creatures)

and i think i'm falling in love with polka dot things now...


dats all for now.


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