27 August 2012

dear A

i let you out and let lonely in....

did you know why?

because truthfully,
i am happier without you...

even  if you promise that this is the last time u'll ever leave me

truthfully, who do you think you are?

you come and go as you wish

did you ever think how much my glass heart was shattered?

i deserve a better guy than u, A.

so leave me alone.

because you are married now.

please don't act like you never go away six month ago.
because you did left me just after a day you met me and shower me with love.
anyway, this is the last chapter of my story about you.
i'm going to close your book and open a new book.

p.s. there's someone who makes me a better person. 
who always reminds me to pray. 
and who makes me forget u. 
so go away mr A. 

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