20 September 2012

arhj part two

28 july 2012

i was happily shopping alone*1
when a facebook mail invade my inbox*2

awak. ni no phone sy... 01XXXXXXXX  t text ye. need u

the word need hit me.
why a stranger need me?
and he's a doctor. obviously he did not need my consultation.

but, despite my arguments with myself, i quickly SMS the number and ask his condition.

i never thought it is a beginning to something new (face glowing)

*1 :here's my confession: i am a shopaholic! and i don't mind shopping alone. easier to shop alone actually. lalalala~
*2 :luckily i use Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) which is super duper awesome!

 p.s. what is arhj? 
p.s.s. i'll give you a clue : it's a star name
p.s.s.s. ok, i'm lying.
p.s.s.s.s. bye!

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