28 October 2012

be patient, not a patient! (ARHJ part nineteen)

"let's go to Jakarta!"
the cute long haired young lady look at me with a bright eyes.
excitement filled her.
then we started to make plans...

suddenly she asked me "eh who's your bf?"
i smile for mysteriously at her.
then i show her a picture on my phone. 1

"have you guys ever met?" my friend asked me.


"are you crazy?" she almost scream at me.
"nope. it's ok. believe in Allah, he said"
the lines on her forehead become more obvious.
"what if he is a liar?! go and stalk him at his hospital, lah"
"there's no need to do that" i calm her down. and then i add "i believe when the right time comes, we will meet"

i remember our conversation
"i never feel like this" he said
"like what?" i ask him
"fell in love with someone I've never met"

"and u are planning to get married?" ask her again

"kita kawen tahun depan ye?" he said...

yeah, i agree that it's not a formal proposal.
no bended knees.
no shimmering glitters on a piece of rock embedded into a ring of gold.
and he haven't met me yet, let alone meet my parents.

but it's ok.
i believe him.

tell me that i am a stupid lover.
for i am a romantic fool. 
i always lost in a world of fantasy, playing up and down with the see saw of love and swimming in the pool of my own imagination.

he had thought me how to be patient.
not a patient who is sick, but a patient person who did not need to rush for everything,  and enjoys life as it is.

i never feel content like this.

thank you ALLAH for bringing him into my life... ^^

kalau takut hati terluka,jangan pernah jatuh cinta. namanya pun 'jatuh'. takkan lah tak sakit, kan?

1. the same picture that that i had showed to mama yesterday and she said "handsome!"

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