26 October 2012

don't *walk away* (ARHJ part seventeen)

tut tuuuuut tut tuuuut tut tuuuuut

i listen to the ringing sound faithfully.

i feel thirsty.....

and it feels like nothing can quench my thirst except for his voice.

but the ringing tone ended up with a female voice telling me that "this is the mailbox for the number......."

i hit the red button 


"where is he?"

all of my calls were answered by the same lady!1

right now... he is the voice that i want to hear, and the face that i really2 want to see.

i miss him badly.

so bad that i feel like i'm going to faint...

p.s. xpelah orang tak sudi.

*walk away* 2

I'll be right here waiting for your news.

please let me know you are alright.3

1. i feel like asking her "did you know where he is right now?
2. though i know i can never let him walk away from my heart.
3. if that is possible.... wherever and whenever you are

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