10 October 2012

i love you (ARHJ part ten)

i stared at the SMS for a long time... 

 i love you....

i was dumbfounded. what should i reply?
ohhh my.....

love is a sacred word for me... 
or maybe i am SCARED of the SACRED word, huh? (1)

anyway, he did it.
he said the L word to me.
and we haven't even met yet!

at that time i never even heard his voice.
it's kinda crazy to have a boyfriend who u never heard his voice and never see him face to face.
whenever he called, its only a missed call and when i call, he will never pick up.

but he is so nice to me.  always remind me to 'jaga diri dan jaga iman'
always makes me wanna be a good person.
and makes a better me...

how not to love such person? (2)

once, he had said to me
"be patient to love me"

and that's what i did.
so when suddenly he said he wanna call me, i was caught off guard.
and then we talk.  
we talk our hearts out.
despite his sickness and soft spoken voice (3) , i feel like i'm dreaming.

and there was a time when both of us was working night shift, we talk on phone for two hours! 
although not two hours straight as i was interrupted by nurses who ask me to insert a branula (which took me seven attempts cuz the patient's vein was so damn thin!) and had to clerk few cases and help MA to do a Closed Manual Reduction on a pregnant lady who was hit by a car (who, luckily, only had a broken arm).

so he had thought me a very valuable lesson on how to be patient.

maybe one day we will meet.
but i did not need to ask him when we can meet.
i just need to be patient.
and when the right time come, we can finally face to face.


i am happy and i wish there is no more tears...

i got an amazing comment of ARHJ yesterday from on one my longtime silent reader, F

walau dongeng atau realiti, tak salah andai ia mampu menghalang awak dari mengulangi kisah2 airmata... mampu membuat awak mencipta bahagia sebenar. 
saya gembira kerana arhj membangunkan daerah cinta yang bukan mimpi! (4)

1:  scared of the sacred word? wow i love this! 
2. opps did i say the L word?
3. which i think is damn cute and i had grow to be fond of
4. yes, F. this time i had to agree with you! =) 

p.s.s. adakah anda sedar bahawa ARHJ part three and four takde lagi?

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