23 October 2012

officially a certified photographer! ^^


last Sunday, i went to a Basic Photography class to learn how to use my dslr.

psstt... previously, i only use the 'auto' mode.
but no more auto mode now!
now i understand most of my canon eos 1100d's function.

thanks to AR studio for organizing such a beneficial programme! ^^
we were given chances to practice and to learn in group.

i never thought i could take this kind of picture. the process is amazing!!
held up my breath for 10 sec to take this pic cuz i didn't bring my tripod!

i still have trouble to upload my rotated pics... haishs
monkey close up! scary weih! i was afraid of being attacked.
awww... bby monkey clinging..
love the buket effect
ikan tembakul?!?
still image of a moving object.
i love this tree!!
my ring...
alhamdulillah ^^

i am so satisfied with the basic class!
i still have much much more to learn.
but now i need to practice my skill first.
wish me luck!

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