17 October 2012

oh pink, i'm in lovee

my BB had been naked bare since few months ago.
no casing.
no flip cover.
until one day...
 the back cover slipped out after a tremendous fall..
so i go 'case hunting' or 'cover hunting' (or whatever u call it).
it's hard to find beautiful cover for Blackberry Torch cuz all available are the plain ones, which is so damn boring.
so i didn't put any hig hopes.
 but look what i have found!

this Hello Kitty case is so damn awesome that i just need to blog about it.
and it's pink!
oh my...
i fell in love with her instantly!

and since i love to wear pink at work, it matches my outfit and lift up my mood ^^
yeah, i'm a girl who loves adorable cute things.
and it's just me.
i can't help it

the cover feels good on my palm that i just wanna touch it all the time..
i can't explain why.
but it's true!
err ape tujuan tauk gbr bnyk2 pakai white coat n baju kurung pink ni? ahhh pedulila. lalalala~
please don't get me wrong.
i know u guys are using i phones and cute casings are everywhere.
i've been using my Torchie since i bought it with my 1st salary about one and a half year ago and i have never, i repeat, i never found any cover other than plain ones.
and that's the reason why i was jealous of the i phone user (pls note the past tense :was)
but i will never convert to use i phone.
blackberry (or should  i say white berry since my Torchie is white?) is always my number one choice!
i'm working tonight.

p.s. in case u r wondering. 
yeah. i memang pakai shawl lilit2 g kerja. 
and it only takes me less than 5 minutes to wear it..

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