19 October 2012

what's your jealous score? (ARHJ part fifteen)

i scream loudly into my pillow.
i wish he could hear me screaming right into his ears.
that way his ossicles(1) would vibrate really loud that he could not bear to hear it.

i was mad.
i was angry.
and i was sad.

i feel like taking my heart out from its cage and tap it lightly till i sleep.

i shouldn't have told him that I'm jealous
my jealous score was 7 at that time.(2)
and he was mad at me for being jealous.
all he need to shut me up was one word


i was dumbfounded.
that's where the screaming start.
and i have decided to chuck myself inside my comforter and cry myself into sleep.

which i have failed to do.

i end up sleeping with a smile so wide that it reached my ear =)

but how i end up sleeping with a smile?
well, that's a secret between me and her (3)
even he did not know about it.

1. ossicles are the auditory bones that  serve to transmit sounds from the air to the fluid-filled labyrinth (cochlea)

2. once, he had asked me what is my jealous score from 1 to 10, which is just like a pain score. 

3. sorry! I've promised her that our conversation will be a secret between us.

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