14 November 2012

My Superhero (ARHJ part 28)

my dear... you know what?
there are times that i feel hopeless.
especially when i hear you cry.1

"why me?" u asked me. 

no words could describe how hopeless i feel when i couldn't answer your questions.

i wish i know why things happened in a cruel way.
i wish i know how to mend the broken past.
i wish i have a genie lamp that could granted all of my wishes.

and i wish i could borrow Superman's power to come straight to you when you cry and hug you tight, caressing the hurt heart that was squashed and kicked by a ruthless someone.

*please take note as i only wish for Superman's power cuz i do not want to wear underwear on the outside*

sayang....i really want to fly straight to you when you are sad! =)


one day, he said to me that he want to be Superman.

Me: then u had to wear underwear on the outside lah. hihi.
Him: errrr....  then I'll be Batman.
Me: didn't Batman also had a weird uniform?
see. told ya he also wear underwear outside!

Him: ok, i'll be a Spiderman.
Me: Spiderman is too slow. and he couldn't fly. and he wear a very tight outfit!
Him: hmm... but i don't want to be Power Rangers or Ultraman........ 
Haaa.... i wanna be Iron Man!"
Me: wow. i always like Tony Stark's carisma ^.^

But darling... You don't have to be a Superhero. 
For me, being you is more than enough. 
For you are already my superhero, my savior and my prince charming.

p.s. i always like Sailor Jupiter when i was small. ehe~

1. i like it that u share your problems with me. and i like the fact that u r not ashamed to cry. hehe...

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