15 November 2012

run for your life!

hye! ^.^
so yesterday i gear up in pink and green with intention to jog at Stadium Tun Fatimah.
red shoes!
 i love to jog after the rain because the smell of the rain and the damp environment gives me an inner peace.

but i took my camera instead and decided to snap some pictures of the lovely area (actually, i took quite a lot of pictures. ehe~)
this is an entry full of pictures so please bear with me, okay!

the stadium is not so big actually
so here we go! 10,000 steps!
my favorite cord organizer keeps my earphone cord tied up
i love pink and green combination!
the entrance
this teratai pond is lovely
stepping stones?
oh my. what is that? is that a small crocodile? yikes!
dunno why but this leaves reminds me of belimbing.
oh, pokok kenanga rupenye
kid's playground
they said that this is something for bird festival
maaf cik kerengga. sape suruh awak geget saya!
ohhh biawak rupenye. sunbathing ke encik biawak?
done! eh 3200 steps only? errrrrrrrrr..... penat aku jalan dapat buang kalori satu cucur udang je?
just in case u need it =)

i think this area is awesome!
i love to see so many people culturing a healthy lifestyle.
there are two areas where lots of people aerobic.
a hockey stadium.
a futsall stadium.
the only thing lack is a swimming pool.
unless if you count the pond as one.
in that case u had to swim with the lizards, lah.

so what are you waiting for?
go and run for a healthy heart
 it might save your life after all ^.^

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