07 November 2012

the bookmark of love (ARHJ part 23)

on one sleepy night, during our usual 'date' on phone,
he asked me whether i have watch a YouTube video of 'nikah' ceremony of an artist, which i reply with full of questions because i was too damn lazy to get my butt off the bed and open my laptop.
which i end up making him mad at me.
"just watch it later ok if you dont want to watch it now" he said

i nodded.
obviously he can't see me nodding so he thought i already dozed back to sleep and he hang up.

and then i feel guilty.
instantly i wake up and watch the video.

then he SMS me.
"i want you to see the video cuz i want our wedding to be like that. simple but nice"

OMG, he is so damn sweet!!!!
i feel like hugging him tight at that time and shower him with kisses. 1

then i remember the bookmarks on my web browser.

i got at least 10 wedding websites and Youtube videos that i have bookmarked since before i met him.
but i never watch it more than once.

guess it's time to look back at those bookmark, eh?


indahnya bila cinta ini bukan hanya aku yang rasa

1. ooppss, belum kawen takleh buat macam tu =p

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