01 December 2012

suuuuurrrpriseeee! (ARHJ part 33)

it's amazing how an uneventful morning can turn 360 degrees with a simple surprise.
i still remember the event just like it had just happened a minute ago.
i was scheduled for a morning and night shift on that day. 
nothing was different than my routine on a morning shift.
woke up late as usual (6.30am is late compared to my colleagues).
take a bath.
perform Subuh prayer.
not having the chance to take a sip of coffee even though i really want it because i'm already late.
driving my beloved car without heating the engine up.
punch card a minute before 7.30 am.
chit chatting with friends.
doing rounds with specialist.

yeah. that's just me on a normal morning.

but we had a CME (Continous Medical Education) on that day.
and during the CME i got a SMS from him, asking me to take something from the guard at the department's entrance.
i was surprised. 
what could it be?
he said that he had bought something for me and asked someone to give it to me.
since then, i couldn't focus my mind on the CME anymore.
my heart was beating so fast i swear if u did an ECG you will get a sinus tachycardia.

after the CME, i quickly rush to the guard.
"did anyone left anything for me?" i asked the guard.
"what? no. no. nothing" she answered.
"owh" i answer with a sad face.

when i turn around, suddenly someone call my name and said "hey, there's something for u. i put it on the table at asthma bay."
instantly, my sour face become as sweet as the handmande 'sticky' candies.
i hopped to the table (not hopping like a rabbit. though i was born on the year of rabbit, please bear in mind that i am a human)
but when i reach the table, i was shocked to see that other than yellow cards that belong to asthmatic patients, nothing was there.

i began to wonder.... where is my surprise? 

"did someone left anything for me?" i asked the staff there, with a hope higher than mount everest.

"oh ya." she slapped her head.

she handed me a brown paper bag with a cute teddy bear image.
i was so happy!
i peek inside the paper bag and i saw this!
thank you for a lovely surprise, dear. 
u made my day ^.^

p.s. you said that the 'milk boy' is as cute as you. but as long as i can remember, you did not have squint eyes, right? =p

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