30 October 2012

apa yang paling jauh dari kita?

aku bersyukur kerana sesuatu yang paling jauh dariku sangat2 jauh dan tak tercapai olehku. 

walaupun ada orang nak bagi aku sebuah audi orange free of charge untuk pergi ke tempat yang jauh itu, aku tetap tak nak pergi!

audi orange!!!

lagipun sekarang ada AES. 
ada fofie (ford fiesta) orange pun dah 'ter'bawak sampai 180 dan kene saman.
ape lagi kalau ada audi...

si oren saya. safety driving ye kawan2. lol

selamat tinggal masa lalu. 
kini aku ada ceritera baru.
tetaplah kau jauh dariku.
kerana aku takkan mungkin akan kembali!


Imam Ghazali pernah bertanya " Apa yang paling jauh dari diri kita di dunia ini?"

Murid-muridnya ada yang menjawab negara China, bulan, matahari dan bintang-bintang. 

Lalu Imam Ghazali menjelaskan bahawa semua jawapan yang mereka berikan adalah benar. 

Tapi yang paling benar adalah "masa lalu"

Bagaimanapun kita, apapun kenderaan kita, tetap kita tidak bisa kembali ke masa lalu. 

Oleh sebab itu kita harus menjaga hari ini dan hari-hari yang akan datang dengan perbuatan yang sesuai dengan ajaran Agama.

29 October 2012

I just wanna say I Love You (ARHJ part twenty)

me: i love you

him: tau

me: takpe. nak cakap jugak tiap2 hari.

him: takpe. cakap je la. org takkan pernah..

me: takkan pernah ape?

him: takkan pernah jemu...

me: gula!

Siapa cakap kalau selalu sangat cakap 'I Love You' akan jadi bosan?

lagu Melly Goeslaw yang liriknye hanya "I Just Wanna Say I Love You" tu tak bosan pun...

tak percaya?

cube dengar lagu ni sampai habis!

28 October 2012

be patient, not a patient! (ARHJ part nineteen)

"let's go to Jakarta!"
the cute long haired young lady look at me with a bright eyes.
excitement filled her.
then we started to make plans...

suddenly she asked me "eh who's your bf?"
i smile for mysteriously at her.
then i show her a picture on my phone. 1

"have you guys ever met?" my friend asked me.


"are you crazy?" she almost scream at me.
"nope. it's ok. believe in Allah, he said"
the lines on her forehead become more obvious.
"what if he is a liar?! go and stalk him at his hospital, lah"
"there's no need to do that" i calm her down. and then i add "i believe when the right time comes, we will meet"

i remember our conversation
"i never feel like this" he said
"like what?" i ask him
"fell in love with someone I've never met"

"and u are planning to get married?" ask her again

"kita kawen tahun depan ye?" he said...

yeah, i agree that it's not a formal proposal.
no bended knees.
no shimmering glitters on a piece of rock embedded into a ring of gold.
and he haven't met me yet, let alone meet my parents.

but it's ok.
i believe him.

tell me that i am a stupid lover.
for i am a romantic fool. 
i always lost in a world of fantasy, playing up and down with the see saw of love and swimming in the pool of my own imagination.

he had thought me how to be patient.
not a patient who is sick, but a patient person who did not need to rush for everything,  and enjoys life as it is.

i never feel content like this.

thank you ALLAH for bringing him into my life... ^^

kalau takut hati terluka,jangan pernah jatuh cinta. namanya pun 'jatuh'. takkan lah tak sakit, kan?

1. the same picture that that i had showed to mama yesterday and she said "handsome!"

Love module for dummies (ARHJ part eighteen)

sometimes i wish i have a module that tells me what to do
i am so afraid to hurt you
let alone to make u mad at me.

i just wanna make u madly in love with me.

in my silence, i have thousands words buzzing my mind.
all squeezing and pushing and kicking each other to perform a syllable that you can hear and understand.
but alas,
none avail.

and here i am.
sitting alone.
feeling so hopeless.

tangis ini entah untuk apa.
aku juga tidak pasti.


26 October 2012

don't *walk away* (ARHJ part seventeen)

tut tuuuuut tut tuuuut tut tuuuuut

i listen to the ringing sound faithfully.

i feel thirsty.....

and it feels like nothing can quench my thirst except for his voice.

but the ringing tone ended up with a female voice telling me that "this is the mailbox for the number......."

i hit the red button 


"where is he?"

all of my calls were answered by the same lady!1

right now... he is the voice that i want to hear, and the face that i really2 want to see.

i miss him badly.

so bad that i feel like i'm going to faint...

p.s. xpelah orang tak sudi.

*walk away* 2

I'll be right here waiting for your news.

please let me know you are alright.3

1. i feel like asking her "did you know where he is right now?
2. though i know i can never let him walk away from my heart.
3. if that is possible.... wherever and whenever you are

selamat hari raya!

selamat hari raya aidiladha kawan2!
macam biasa, saya tak perlu risau jalan jam nak balik kampung sebab parents saya datang rumah saya...
rindunye beraya masa arwah nenek ada...
aizza, me n si oren yg gojes!

maafkan kesengalan kami berdua

nak ambil gambar pun si kecik asyik kacau jeee

belum lagi kalau dia berlari2 satu rumah

semangat alip melompat sampai lupe tgk kamera!
alip golip budak gigi gongak!
habis sofa merahku kene lenyek. huhu.... (shutter speed too slow lah. haishs)
selamat landing

Kalau tgk bananana barulah dia duduk diam! LOL

nak gi makan rendang kerang yang mama masak lagi..

24 October 2012

the way u make me smile (ARHJ part sixteen)

me: i love u

him: i love u more!



me: i love u

Him: i love u two three four five six seven eight nine ten!



psssttt.... kau buat aku ingin memeluk hatimu selama-lamanya.

23 October 2012

officially a certified photographer! ^^


last Sunday, i went to a Basic Photography class to learn how to use my dslr.

psstt... previously, i only use the 'auto' mode.
but no more auto mode now!
now i understand most of my canon eos 1100d's function.

thanks to AR studio for organizing such a beneficial programme! ^^
we were given chances to practice and to learn in group.

i never thought i could take this kind of picture. the process is amazing!!
held up my breath for 10 sec to take this pic cuz i didn't bring my tripod!

i still have trouble to upload my rotated pics... haishs
monkey close up! scary weih! i was afraid of being attacked.
awww... bby monkey clinging..
love the buket effect
ikan tembakul?!?
still image of a moving object.
i love this tree!!
my ring...
alhamdulillah ^^

i am so satisfied with the basic class!
i still have much much more to learn.
but now i need to practice my skill first.
wish me luck!

19 October 2012

what's your jealous score? (ARHJ part fifteen)

i scream loudly into my pillow.
i wish he could hear me screaming right into his ears.
that way his ossicles(1) would vibrate really loud that he could not bear to hear it.

i was mad.
i was angry.
and i was sad.

i feel like taking my heart out from its cage and tap it lightly till i sleep.

i shouldn't have told him that I'm jealous
my jealous score was 7 at that time.(2)
and he was mad at me for being jealous.
all he need to shut me up was one word


i was dumbfounded.
that's where the screaming start.
and i have decided to chuck myself inside my comforter and cry myself into sleep.

which i have failed to do.

i end up sleeping with a smile so wide that it reached my ear =)

but how i end up sleeping with a smile?
well, that's a secret between me and her (3)
even he did not know about it.

1. ossicles are the auditory bones that  serve to transmit sounds from the air to the fluid-filled labyrinth (cochlea)

2. once, he had asked me what is my jealous score from 1 to 10, which is just like a pain score. 

3. sorry! I've promised her that our conversation will be a secret between us.

18 October 2012

love = callus? (ARHJ part fourteen)

as the clock strike 12, i was struggling, fighting to stay awake.
my head was dizzy and one patient just came in into the ward.
oh no. more patient means more work.
and i am so damn sleepy! help!

then i receive a SMS from him.
both of us are working night shift.2

"what is MVA? and is there any diagnosis ACE or ALE? i can't understand this doctor's handwriting"1

great. i was sleepy. and my boyfriend is asking me medical terms.

"MVA is motor vehicle accident. i dunno about ACE or ALE but i know AGE (acute gastroenteritis"

the nurses was preparing bed for patient.
i wait till the pt had changed clothes before start clerking.

"uncle, u r not drunk right?" i ask him with a grin.3

i look at patient's right hand xray, looking for index finger fractures, squeezing my eyes to find the one mentioned from ED.
but i didn't see any fractures!
it's either i'm too sleepy to see one or the Emergency Department had misdiagnosed again. 4

you see, there are many types of bone fractures...

and there are many stages of bone healing, one of it is formation of callus 3

and then something struck my mind.

i quickly SMS him

your love is like a callus, gluing my broken heart.
(i should have said my communited fractured heart)

and he reply by saying that  our love is like a puzzle.
owh that's interesting!
and we will keep placing each pieces one by one till it's complete!

1. sadly, the myth that most doctor's handwriting are very hard to understand is true!
2. same shift but different hospital and different department, lah. of course!
3. sorry to be so damn cynical but i really need a cup of coffee!
4. later i learn that i am right. there is no fracture!

17 October 2012

oh pink, i'm in lovee

my BB had been naked bare since few months ago.
no casing.
no flip cover.
until one day...
 the back cover slipped out after a tremendous fall..
so i go 'case hunting' or 'cover hunting' (or whatever u call it).
it's hard to find beautiful cover for Blackberry Torch cuz all available are the plain ones, which is so damn boring.
so i didn't put any hig hopes.
 but look what i have found!

this Hello Kitty case is so damn awesome that i just need to blog about it.
and it's pink!
oh my...
i fell in love with her instantly!

and since i love to wear pink at work, it matches my outfit and lift up my mood ^^
yeah, i'm a girl who loves adorable cute things.
and it's just me.
i can't help it

the cover feels good on my palm that i just wanna touch it all the time..
i can't explain why.
but it's true!
err ape tujuan tauk gbr bnyk2 pakai white coat n baju kurung pink ni? ahhh pedulila. lalalala~
please don't get me wrong.
i know u guys are using i phones and cute casings are everywhere.
i've been using my Torchie since i bought it with my 1st salary about one and a half year ago and i have never, i repeat, i never found any cover other than plain ones.
and that's the reason why i was jealous of the i phone user (pls note the past tense :was)
but i will never convert to use i phone.
blackberry (or should  i say white berry since my Torchie is white?) is always my number one choice!
i'm working tonight.

p.s. in case u r wondering. 
yeah. i memang pakai shawl lilit2 g kerja. 
and it only takes me less than 5 minutes to wear it..

15 October 2012

tabah dan sabariah (ARHJ part thirteen)

tahu tak...
ada banyak sebab kenapa aku suka dia.
dan antara sebab aku suka dia adalah kerana dia selalu kongsi ilmu dengan aku.

suatu hari, kami berselisih faham (1)
dan aku terpaksa memujuk diriku sendiri sebab dia mengaku 'tak pandai pujuk perempuan' (2)

"orang pandai pujuk diri sendiri ni sebenarnya tabah tau
eh bukan, tabah dan sabar....
tabah dengan sabar ni kene jalan seiring....
dia tak boleh jalan sorang satu kat depan, sorang satu kat belakang" katanya (3)

saat itu, tanganku sibuk bermain dengan stamp pad merah yang ada di hadapanku (4)
otakku ligat membayangkan kata- kata dia...
tabah dan sabariah (sabar) berjalan seiringan

tabah kene tinggal.. huu

oppss... sila jangan eksploit cap jari saya ye!

1. mana ada orang bercinta yang tak pernah bergaduh, kan, kan? (4)
2. kesian aku.. hiks
3. eleh saje je nak aku pujuk diri sendiri kan, kan? (4)
4. ape kene dengan "kan, kan" ni? (5)
5. eh dalam footnote boleh ada footnote ke?


overdose of love in one minute (ARHJ part twelve)

one way is never enough to show our affection!

p.s. did u see the time all SMS was sent? ehe~

love munches (ARHJ part eleven)

dear diary.
i have a very very big confession.
i am truly deeply in love with a purple monster called 'the muncher' 
this monster can gobbled up my blackberry screen!
and it had a cute 'ngap' sound when it munched my screen

yup, i really love screen munches!

but most of all i love it because i can keep my love 'letters'!

munch of my screen munches

p.s. the image is purposely blurred for privacy reason. thank you