09 January 2013

injected with love (ARHJ Part 43)

It was 10.29 am when his SMS invaded my Blackberry.
To be honest with you, i don't have the words to make u feel better, but i do have arms to give u a hug, ears to listen to whatever u want to talk about and i have a heart. A heart that is full with your love.
Truthfully, everytime he says "I LOVE YOU", 
i feel like love is injected into the garden of my heart.
And the "LOVE" will be nurtured  and grew bigger and taller day by day.
I never fell in love so deep like this, yet i feel like i am on top of the world.
And most of the time, he got me thinking..
hmmmm... what should i blog about ARHJ?

too much things to say, yet sometimes i feel speechless!
and you know what?
if i was forced to turn back time and choose again, i will still choose him.

trust me, 
i love you not just for who you are.
but for who i am when i am with you.

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