24 January 2013

today is supposed to be... (ARHJ part 45)

today is supposed to be the first day we finally meet each other.
but things didn't work out that way.
suddenly, out of the blue, he got an emergency and had to go back to his village.

which sucks.
ok, it sucks a lot.
though he actually never promise to come and meet me today.
but hearing his reluctant voice saying that he didn't want to go to Pahang, and that he actually had planned to come to meet me, had sheared my paper heart.

we end up chatting on phone for a long time, and both of us cry.
ok, i did most of the crying.
"why did this happen to us? " he asked me.
"because we were chosen" i answered.
yes, we were chosen to bear this obstacles. 
i couldn't think of a happier thing to think of when i heard the bad news.

4months. and our path still haven't crossed yet.
as devastating as it could be, things had already happened.
we may only plan, but ALLAH decides.

when we were talking, he suddenly quoted his sister 
"ALLAH postponed a meeting for a reason"
which we think that it is quite hard to believe. 
why make our heart bond when our eyes can't meet each other?

ok, let's just think positively.
there must be lots of reasons for all of this to happen, right?
if not a lot of reasons available, even only one reason is enough to satisfy our broken hearts.

u know what? 
both of us wish that we work today. 
there's a lot of things that we can do at the hospital that can distract us.1

two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beats as one ~John Keats~
"Two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one." -John Keats

Read more http://www.infospesial.net/5630/100-quotes-cinta-sepanjang-masa/

finally, i end up watching "Istanbul, aku datang" on my sister's bed,while hugging my big purplish pink bear while he was packing halfheartedly.

Ya, ALLAH, please make both of us strong.

1. what a crazy workaholic doctors. huhuhu

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