16 February 2013

Jakarta day 1

what a busy day.
we arrive at Terminal 3 Soekarno Hatta Airport at 5.15pm.
the place seems new, and the service is quite good.

it's been raining heavily today...
most of our clothes in the luggage were soaked by the rain!
*including my friend's bantal busuk, which she claimed she never wash it*

right now, i'm tired from walking too much.
feels so sad to see that most shop in Jakarta close as early as 8.30pm!
luckily, we had a lovely dinner at 'D cost', where they were proud of their motto that sounds like this :- 'mutu lima bintang, harga kaki lima'

i used to dine at this restaurant with my friends when i was still a medical student in Makassar. 
the foods are so delicious and so damn cheap!

sadly, i couldn't find any shop that sells Indonesian simcard tonight. 
not anywhere within a walking distance.

despite the unfortunate events, there's at least one good thing about our trip so far, which is Fave hotel.
our hotel room is so damn cute!
i love the pink annd purple designs ^^ 

wanna sleep tight beneath the comfortable comforter while hugging the lovely pink pillow.
goodnight everyone.. ^.^v

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