22 February 2013

shopping in jakarta (part one)

truthfully, i spend my days in Jakarta with shopping.
i even cancel my plan to go to Ancol (it's like a disneyland, they said).
so, early morning on Saturday, me n my friends walk from our hotel to Pasar Baru.
cheap shirts are available here.. suitable for 'ole2'. ehe~
and oh my, i went crazy over those sweet laces!!!! *drooling*
i end up buying 4 'semi french lace'
*not sure this is true or not but the girl at the shop said that it is called 'semi perancis'*
my friend ask me to bu this for her. kinda suitable for nikah, right?
i got all for about rm100 each only (including the lining)
there are also lots of laces perfect for wedding sold at about rm90 per metre.
i even made a mental note on what to buy for my wedding 
(berangan je eh. ntah bile la aku nak kawin ni.. gugugugu)
and can u imagine tailored coat for groom are only rm300?
oh, i really need to go here again someday.
it is a must!
but sadly, there are no telekung at Pasar Baru.
i thought i could find it there.

thus, in the afternoon, we take a 'tut-tut' (i know, the name is so damn cheky. ahaks) to go to the most famous shopping centre in Jakarta, the well known ITC Mangga Dua.
my bff with her bf in front of a tut tut

seriously, u can go crazy shooping at ITC Mangga Dua!!
one day is not enough as the shop closed as early as 5.30pm. 
there are lots of handbags, dresses, shirts. just name it. 
we even found our telekung here.
hmmm mane satu nak beli untuk mama ni?
oh nak yg ni boleh tak???? *mbekk*

what i end up buying. huhu.. can't resist too buy the soft peach telekung

oh pls don't confuse with WTC.
this is what you will get if u go to WTC

i'll tell more about jakarta later..

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