16 February 2013

scrabbles of love (ARHJ Part 47)

all my bags are packed, im ready to go......

i'll be leaving Malaysia on a jetplane aeroplane today.
and maybe we won't be able to hear each other's voice till Monday...
which would be the longest ever since we truly deeply madly in love.

oh my...
how to survive without hearing your voice?

every place i go, i think of u
every song i sing, i sing for u
when i come back, i'll wait for ur wedding ring

(whoops... ehe~)

i've been looking forward to shop till i drop in Jakarta since months ago.
but now i feel a little sad.
but never mind.
i'll bring my beloved with me.
and capture all of the moments where i leave u to miss me...
me and my beloved, the red canon =)

oh dear, i hate to go.
i really really hate to go now. 
maybe i'll forget u for a while when i see those cheap things in Jakarta.

but i can assure u that the beating meat inside my ribcage is all yours.
just like the scrabble words that u MMS me
eeee why ur name got more marks than mine! it is so not fair!

i have to go now.
i'll scribble more later after i'm back.

p.s. everytime i miss u i'll stare at the pics u gave me.
and these 3 days i'm gonna spend my free time looking at those pictures,
smiling like an idiot in front of my blackberry.
my fav scrabble words

oh i am so in love...,

i used to have lots of wish in one time.
but now there is only one wish that i really want.
i wish u would stay forever.. 
right here in my heart.

song in the background in pink : Leaving on a jetplane

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