22 March 2013

my heart (ARHJ Part 52)

i have a porcelain heart,
that had been broken multiple times.
and i have a paper heart,
that has been torn apart repeatedly.

hey, you... did you know?
i have a bubble heart,
that had been popped away by false hope. 
and i have a plastic heart,
that had been drifting through the wind.
slowly and steadily fly away.
wondering where it might fall and stay.

i used to have a big heart,
but it had been shrunken over the crude bits in the journey of life.

my unwanted past had been left behind long ago.
and i am moving forward.
i am my own worst enemy.
and sometimes i found myself fighting against her.

please take me away.
please catch me.
please held my heart tight.
don't ever let me go......

i know i had given my heart to u.
and i know it is all yours now.
but please..
i plead you to caress my paper porcelain bubble plastic heart.
for you are the one and only...

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