07 March 2013

no more Doraemon's pocket!

i think i miss out telling the whole world about one of my most important life changing event.
i am not a house officer (HO) anymore!!!
i guess i was too disappointed that i refuse to blog about it.
i request to be an Obstetric and Gynecology (OnG) Medical Officer (MO) and had been accepted.
i was so excited at that time.
until one month after the placement meeting, i got another letter 'forcing' me to serve in Surgical department as they did not have enough MO.
at first i was devastated.
i had even think of taking MRCOG and had planned with my friends to study and learn together in the department.
and i was so excited to deliver babies!!

so here i am.
since 1st of March 2013 (what a nice date 1/3/13), i am officially a surgical MO.
but i am in ACCEPTANCE phase now.
i will try to learn and gather knowledge and still try my best to be a good doctor.
(yeah, and my bf is so busy delivering babies now. sometimes when i call him i can hear babies cry in the background. which makes me so damn jealous of him and i feel like shouting "huwaaaaa nak jadi MO OnG! T.T").

being MO is so much different than being a HO.
the workload is lighter but the responsibilities is not.
i found myself scratching my head in clinic.
thankfully all of the seniors are so helpful. 
and i found myself studying!
which is kinda amazing for me cuz i study only when exam is near due to my short term memory.

i haven't start my on call yet.
oh my.
it's been a year since my last on call (previously HO also have on call before they change it into shift system).
i hope i can survive.

oh ya.
regarding the title of this post.
i used to love my white coat.
i put almost everything there.
my stethoscope. 
my chop. 
my pens. 
my penlight. 
car key.
 dat's why i call it my Doraemon's pocket.
i can even put a tuna sandwich and Ribena mobile pack inside those pockets.
but most of MO did not wear white coat.
i never know why.
but i follow majority.
i'll be missing my pockets soon, i think..
but my new cute Carlo Rino bag seems to fit the purpose for the time being.
although it means no more sneaking sandwich and ribena anymore. he~

i used to look forward being MO cuz i thought i may say goodbye to log book.
but i just learn that even specialist have log books to fill up.
minus one point.

but i like that i now how proper meal time and weekend off except when on call.
and after 5pm i can join the aerobic team and burn more fat.
now i feel like a normal human being.

wish me luck ^.^

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