31 March 2013

surat rujukan (ARHJ Part 53)

Setengah tahun Enam bulan menunggu tarikh 'appointment' dengan dokter HJ.
insyaALLAH, masanya akan tiba tidak lama lagi.
Ya ALLAH permudahkanlah urusan kami.

p/w : presented with
pt: patient
3/12: three months
LOA: Loss of apetite
LOW: Loss of weight
a/w: associated with
o/e: on examination
GCS: Glasgow coma scale (a neurological scale to record the conscious state of a person) 
BP: Blood pressure
PR: Pulse rate
CVS: Cardiovascular system
DRNM: Dual rhythm no murmur
SNT: Soft, non tender
Ix: Investigation
TRO: To rule out
FBC: Full blood count
NAD: No active disease i.e Normal
od: omne in die (once daily)
6/12: six months
tds: ter die sumendum (three times a day)

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