08 May 2013

one fine day (ARHJ Part 57)

"please don't leave me," he beg.
i know i don't have the strength to cry anymore.
i know i am not strong enough to survive another heartbreak.
and i know i will suffer if i didn't speed dial the J button or hear the Adira's song titled "Ku ada kamu" ringing on my blackberry at least once a day.
i know i am pathetic.
but not to give him another chance would be cruel.
because i know he is not the only one suffering if i end up our story just like this. 
anyway, here's a poem, specially dedicated for u, HJ
there was a time,
where i feel 
d r a i n e d,
and i grow tired of 
f i g h t i n g.
so exhausted 
that I've finally said goodbye to him
but he beg me not to.

yes, i am blind.
i can't see a lie.
but tell me,
how on earth can i spot a lie,
when love balloons filled my heart?

pain....so much pain that it makes me breathless,
tears....so much tears that it left me gasping for love,
but the cut deepen as i accuse him for not doing anything to mend it

but one day,
as he recite a 'doa',
my heart melted.
then he reminds me to pray,
and i forgot my sorrows and my insecurity.
when he pray for us,
the blood in my veins stirred,
boiling over the limit.

bear in your mind,
that losing this game 
is not my intention!

on one fine day,

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