17 October 2013

sometimes all we can do is to remember (ARHJ Part 68)

i look at the mirror, debating with the person in front of me.
should i message you?
should i just keep quiet?
arghhhh this is so devastating!!!
few times I've dialed your number, but none was answered.
my heart hurt so bad that i wanna take it out from my ribcage and throw it out of my window.
i know there's something wrong. but i just couldn't figure it out.
why oh why????

*if only i know that your house was full of sadness when i blame you for neglecting me*

then the shocking truth was revealed.
oh my.
i had no idea that somebody close to you leaves you so abruptly like that.

when you are in a place where no one wants to be, 
when one of the main branch in your family tree is broken,
don't let your faith ripped out from your heart.

fantasy always feed us on tale of the immortal,
but sadly none of them are real.
but fear not my love, 
cuz love will never die
hopefully ALLAH gives you and your family strength.

Let us pray for arwah.
May ALLAH bless his soul.
Al Fatihah.


nuratika aziz said...

I love your creativity.nice.

ainulrhy said...

i appreciate your comment very much, dear... thank u. u made my day =)