22 October 2013

you are my drugs (ARHJ Part 69)

dear you,
do you remember,
that i always say that you are my piriton? 1
*seriously, i mean it*
it's amazing how your voice can easily lift up my weariness 
and makes me sleep like a baby.

and you know what?
you are my paracetamol too.2
it's the simplest and safest drug of all, 
yet effective to relieve my headache!
hmmm... can i say that you are my pethidine? 3
you make my pain go away with just a little bit injection of encouragement, 
and i adore you for that!

when my left chest hurts cuz i miss you so much, 
you take the pain away just like a sublingual GTN. 4

when stress makes the acid in my stomach increases,
you gives me lovely butterflies,5
just like how MMT syrup neutralize gastric juices.6
and, last but not least, you are my gengigel.
when life bits me so hard that it gives me an ulcer, 
you coat it with your warmth and love.

i don't think i need any drugs anymore *chuckles*

cuz i only want to prescribe you in my life...

the one and only ^^

1. piriton usually prescribes for flu or itchiness. but it can cause sleepiness.
2. well, who doesn't know paracetamol , right?
3. pethidine is an opioid, a very effective analgesic (pain killer). 
4. GTN = glyceryl trinitrate. the quick relieve of angina.
5. not sure whether this is a good effect or not. ehe~
6. MMT= Magnesium Tricilicate.

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