25 June 2014

Should we really blame the mother?

I was looking at a bunch of girls singing and dancing happily.
The smallest one is perhaps only one and a half year old and was struggling to catch up with the other 2 girls with her small but quick baby steps.

The father was asking the mother something.
I was right next to the mother, who look at the girls and asked her husband "but what about the girls?"
Our gaze were transfixed to those girls.
"I can't decide" the mother said.
"Well, you need to decide now" the father said.
The mother was scratching her head while the father just stand there and let her decide by herself.
 I had no intention to eavesdrop, and I don't understand what they were talking about.
All I remember is that those girls are so happy that it is contagious!

After those girls are out of my view, I went back to my phone, 'facebook-ing' , a hobby that I was not too addicted as Instagram, but I was so bored that I just need to read something.
And then I saw Lola's name -again. There were articles that tells us her basic salary is RM 15++ and the comments followed are mostly rude and disrespectful.
Suddenly the thin-skeleton-like-boy's image, who everyone is talking about, appear in my mind.
I sighed.
Why on earth that there are too many bad mouthed malaysians?
I am glad that most of us still have humanity that we were so damn angry when we saw an image of Muhammad Firdaus in a dirty room with a cropped t- shirt.
OK, I agree that I am also furious.
Well, who doesn't?

But I don't even have a child.
I only have a 'Pou' which I have raised half way, then it makes me annoyed when he makes a sound while I was doing rounds. "Oh crap, now everyone knows that my pou is hungry" *sigh*

My point is that I had never raise a child with my own hands.
I can imagine how hard it is for a single mother to raise her children.
Yes, it is wrong of her to lock that child and left him unkempt.
Are we strong enough to handle a gifted child like that?
If ALLAH give us a mentally or physically handicap child, will you take care of the child with all your heart?
If your answer is YES, then ALHAMDULILLAH :)
May our concern and humanity stays with us. AMIN. 

Anyway, after a few weeks, this issue will just dissolved. Those people who cursed will forget the whole t.hing and do nothing.
Just like we forgot that MH370 is still missing.
We also forgot that newspapers still haven't make an apology regarding their disrespectful article of my ex colleague who had passed away in Alor Gajah Hospital while on call.
(p.s. I remember him asking me why I was always mad at him. At that time I didn't know that he had a medical problem. I am sorry M***.)

Last but not least, I hope that the mother of three, Wardina, will reactivate her Instagram account again. I think she deactivate it just because she had mentioned that overseas government are more pro active in helping OKU's parents (which might be true).

Stop blaming each other, Malaysians. Focus on the problem, please.
Ask yourself, what can I do to help?

Let's make the world a better place, OK?
Now this is what not only doctor's can heal.

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