24 October 2014

study? NO!!!!

it is not easy to be a doctor.
i had to admit it.
i enjoy working with patients.
i enjoy doing procedures.
but when too much referral i sometimes feel a bit stressed.
especially when people referred you things that you don't even know what to do.

someone asked me a lot of questions yesterday.
simple questions which i had learn but forgotten.

the truth is.....
i hate to study. i am not a person who likes to study.
for example, i have a book in front of me but i choose to blog instead.
i open a book for five seconds then i take my novel and read it for the tenth time.

i don't even know how i become a doctor!

"I am not going to tell you it's okay, you can go home and tell me the answer next week. No. You will become better with a gun pointed in your head. Am i right?" the person said cynically.
damn right you are.

i really should study now.

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