01 January 2014

Frozen heart (ARHJ Part 70)

I have tried to leave him for so many times...
There are even times where I have given up , totally thinking of moving on.

But one day, he told me that he is thankful that I have never give up on him.
I keep on pushing him cuz he is like a snail, who will never budge if I didnt push him.

Weirdly, he said that sometimes he think that he is cruel to me.
I used to think that he might not be aware of that.
Sometimes he makes my melting heart froze.
He even bled my heart slowly and excruciatingly in a sweet, agony way.
He had crushed my hope with his unusual reasons.
So, yeah. He IS cruel to me!

One day, he requested me to ask him why he couldn't leave me.
Truthfully, all I ever asked was why I still haven't leave him yet.
I've walked away so many times but somehow I will end up talking to him happily again.
This addiction is so damn contagious.
Oh, how I wish things are much easier! 

I keep on telling him that I am tired. 
I am sore.
I am beaten.
All "I" went out smoothly, resonating my vocal cord.
But did I ever think of his feeling? 
Perhaps I am too selfish. 

But never mind.
Despite of our rolling quarrels.
Our ups and down.
Our fight and joy.
Our laugh and cry.
We can't stand even one day without each other.

"Tunggulah. Suatu hari nanti aku akan penat" kata Fynn Jamal.
Aku di sini mengharapkan agar aku tidak akan pernah penat.