11 November 2015

My Gorgeous Mission IV experience

hye readers (as if like i still got a reader). hehe...
it had been five months since i write in my blog. 

its not that being an Obstetric and Gynecological doctor is so damn busy.
i am just a bit lazy. kinda addicted to Sims game right now.
thus i spend my free time playing games and being a couch potato.

and without knowing, i had gain 15kgs in just a few months !!!

picture taken on february 2015
i become overweight and feels awkward asking my infertility patients to lose weight.
i cannot fit into my clothes. 
i even had to wear a bigger glove size during operation!!

and then one day, i went to a boutique. i need to find a dress for my Indian friend's wedding.
i saw a very beautiful dress. it was a free size dress.
so i try it on.
with much difficulty, i can fit into the dress.
but i cannot take it out!!!!
i stay inside the fitting room, thinking of what to do.
then i brace myself and asked the boutique assistant to help me. 
because fitting room is a bit small, we had to open the door a bit and the assistant helped me.
luckily the dress did not tear up!
i was so ashamed.

and then i said to myself.
thats it!
i need to lose weight!!!

so i went to Mayfair.
i had to.
i did get a gym membership before this and did a lot of exercise, but i gain more weight cuz i eat a lot (i can finish up nasi goreng pattaya and kuewtiau in one meal).
i try to diet but my busy work demands a lot of energy.
that is why i choose a more expensive option.  and voila!
i had lost 9 kg in 4 months!!!

i was doing a treatment where the staff at Mayfair Bandar Baru Uda asked me "do you want to join a contest?"
i was curious.
but they promise me special price for treatments and the prize are so mouth watering!!
and who knows i end up being the 1st runner up!!

most people who knew me before 2015 feels weird hearing my weight become 71kg. I was thin before this. dunno what happened till I gain so much weight. (It was actually due to a lot of ice cream consumption. hehe)

i had fun practicing catwalk and knowing these lovely ladies. they are amazing.
one of them even lost 15kg!!! wow, amazing!!!

me with the winner and the 2nd runner up
2nd part where we pose in a simple white shirt that we had creatively decorate

1st part: pose and catwalk in a traditional wear
i had a lovely experience during the event. it was interesting!
i never do such thing in my life. 

and most of all, i am glad that i can lose weight!!!

besides treatment, i also avoid a lot of carbohydrates and sweet drinks.
and i love Mayfair's coffee so much.
so delicious and guilt free!!

though i am nowhere near my previous weight, i believe that any progress is a good one. 
plus, i had won a RM10k treatment + RM 3k facial and RM 1500 worth of Mayfair product, plus rm 800 photography voucher.

lets lose more weight!!!!!