24 January 2015

being a doctor is easier than MLM

i have been neglected my blog for quite some time.
so much had changed in my life.
i am finally in Obstetric and Gynecology department!
yeay! \(^.^)/

i am definitely in the "I LOVE MY JOB" mode right now.

i enjoy my work.
delivering babies, doing vacuum assisted delivery, stitching perineum, doing Caesarean section, seeing gynae cases (this is a bit difficult but i am still learning).
there's so much things to learn! seriously.
i need to refresh again what i had learnt 3 years ago (last time i was in O&G was in 2nd posting of housemanship).
believe me, it wasn't easy. hopefully i am able to perform my duty well. AMIN.

anyway, i have a piece of thought that i want to share with you today.

so why I had suddenly make such comparison?
i had few friends who claim that they are still a government hospital doctor while all they do is only 'lepaking' and 'fishing' people to join their MLM.
how dare you write the department and hospital name below your name when you don't even work as a doctor anymore?
p.s. if you lie, how can you gain a HALAL money?

actually, i had joined one type of MLM previously, which caused me to lost a lot of money. truthfully, i am not the type who can make a 'stone face' and disturb anyone and find more people to join.
seriously it is not for me!
i salute to those who can do that. you definitely had a lot of confident!
from some researches that i had done, my conclusion is: to succeed in MLM you need a lot of TIME.
However, i'd rather spend my time reading novels, playing games, and watch series.
and i usually i spent my postcall day with sleeping (working 36 hours non stop while oncall is tiring, OK)

there was one time, a teacher approached me.
first, we hang out at McDonald, just chatting up. then, she introduced me to her friends.
and then she invited me for some events. they claim that they all learn how to gain money easily.
"I don't know how to sell things. but i can easily gain money by just having fun while singing at karaoke"
it was nice to have a lot of friends (i am not sure they are true friends or just superficial ones).
and then when they found out that i had joined another MLM, i was banned from their group.
i thought she was sincere. i really like to be her friend.

in the end, i make a conclusion that being a doctor is easier.
i got books to find factual answers, i got specialist and seniors to teach me, i enjoy my work and i did not need to 'layer up my face' or lie to my patients.

so to all future doctors, not all doctors hate their job.
I've had enough with these negative people who said our job is degrading and stressful.
every job had their own obstacles.
please find something to 'defuse' your stress.
for example, when i am too tired, i look at those cute newborn babies and disturb them a bit (opps). hihi.

to those who succeed in MLM, i think you guys are amazing. you put so much effort and you can be rich in the blink of an eye. i hope the money that you get is not 'easy come, easy go'. do invest in some business for the sake of your family. you can't be doing that job for the rest of your life, right? or am i wrong? hmmm....

anyway, i am comfortable doing what i know and i think i am good at. i am definitely doing my job till i 'pencen'. insyaALLAH.

*this is my personal opinion. please don't take it as general perception. thank you.